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Sebastian (Male) and Athena (Female) are looking for a retirement home for 2!  They are used to a quiet, adult home, has done well with other cats, but would be best in a home without canines. Athena is a mellow cat and likes to toss a fuzzy toy up in the air and bat it around. Her favorite spot is on the arm of a rocking chair and her brother is usually on the other arm. Athena will lay down with the other cats, and loves to curl up with her brother, they are two peas in a pod and adore each other. Sebastian will brush against you and stand on his back legs to be sure he gets full petting. He is a mellow cat and loves to rub on a scratching board covered in catnip!


Sebastian and Athena are looking for their retirement home. Due to their age, there are some medical needs as well, which makes them our Unfurgettable Friends! If you are interested in learning more about Sebastian and Athena, email ATTN: Sebastian and Athena and fill out the online pre-adoption form.