Simba, a 1 ½ yr old Domestic Long-Haired cat, came to us in April of 2006 after being put up for adoption…a family member was allergic to cats and poor Simba suddenly found himself without a home. Simba wasn’t up to date on any of his medical work, which meant he couldn’t be adopted immediately…. Read more »


Carmina, a local rescue worker in Puerto Rico, was walking home from work when something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. Turning to see what it was, she was immediately captivated by the huge, soulful, and deep brown eyes of a little dog. Carmina could see the dog was in pain and… Read more »


Originally named Snowy, this adorable beagle mix was renamed Maddy by her first adoptive parents. But as it turned out, Maddy had difficulty adjusting to the family and, sadly, they had to return her to the Shelter. For nearly seven months this sweet dog tried to keep up hope that there was a forever home… Read more »


By Carla Chadwick From raising the funds needed to care for this sweet girl’s heart, to finding her a forever home, Cupcake’s story proves what is possible when loving people come together to save a life. And I learned this first hand as both a writer for Northeast Animal Shelter and as Cupcake’s new mom…. Read more »


During a wintery snowstorm, a kind neighbor discovered Charlotte wandering the street, barely alive and begging for food and shelter. It was obvious the dark gray, long-haired cat needed care immediately. She arrived at Northeast Animal Shelter soaking wet, matted and starving. Despite her condition, Charlotte began purring when we examined her. It warmed our… Read more »


Like discarded trash, their crates lay upside down in a parking lot only a few miles from our Shelter. Inside, Butch and Sundance were found cowering… bodies battered and bruised. When these two frightened cats arrived at the Shelter, our vet quickly determined that Butch’s injuries were not life-threatening… but, tragically, Sundance had a fractured… Read more »


After a long journey from Indiana, Hazel was ready to give birth to her puppies! Knowing there can often be problems during delivery, our Shelter Director, Betty, and the staff took turns staying with the sweet Collie/Chow mix around the clock Early the next morning Hazel gave birth to her first two pups without any… Read more »


Some animals are so downright loveable that it’s hard to understand how anyone could part with them. That’s just the kind of little kitten M.B. is. Yet not only did his original owners part with him, they abandoned him in a Dunkin Donuts box in a grocery store parking lot. That’s where Wendy and her… Read more »