Doors slamming, strange faces, boxes everywhere -– Cheryl, a fluffy calico and her feline friends, Trudy and Vaughn, scrambled to keep out of the commotion. The three cats and the ten kittens who also lived in the apartment stared wide-eyed at the door as it closed and they heard the key turn in the lock…. Read more »

Harley and Parents

Steve and Emily are a couple with enormous compassion for the abandoned creatures of the world. Emily in particular had been a missionary in Peru working with homeless children. Now living in New England, they came to the Northeast Animal Shelter hoping to adopt a dog. Although Emily was thinking about taking home an abandoned… Read more »


Harley was left at Northeast Animal Shelter when difficult economic times forced her owner to take a second job. This heartbroken cat lover knew that with a demanding new schedule, she would never be home to provide the human companionship and affection that Harley craved. During her first few months with us, Harley wasn’t able… Read more »


Abby lay under the limited shade of a car, trying to brace herself against the summer heat. She watched as people, bikes, and cars all passed her by, most without so much as a glance in her direction. If she had the strength, this five year old cat would have called out with a meow,… Read more »

Dusty and Dexter

Dusty and Dexter’s tale began on a blustery New England night five months ago. Their mother — weary, pregnant and homeless — made her way down the snow-dusted streets of Billerica, MA in hopes of finding a warm place to escape the dreadful cold. She managed to climb through a small opening in a garage… Read more »


One Sunday evening, Mary, the owner of the “Cantina del Sol” restaurant in Puerto Rico, stepped outside to escape the bustling kitchen for a moment. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted an outline of something leaning against a pile of garbage. Thinking it was probably just part of the garbage, she was… Read more »


Gordon arrived at Northeast Animal Shelter in August only a few days after “retirement.” He had been a racing greyhound — his life measured by his speed. When he could no longer win races, he became meaningless to his owners. But to us, Gordon was a sweet affectionate dog who deserved a second chance and… Read more »


Max thought he was nothing special. At just seven weeks old, this German Shepherd mix had been taken from his mother and placed with his brothers and sisters in a cardboard box on the steps of a local church in New Mexico. Northeast Animal Shelter heard about Max and his siblings…and through our Saving Pets… Read more »


Nathaniel, a one-year-old tabby, sat unsteadily on the cracked pavement of a parking lot just off a busy highway. He swayed back and forth, listening to the fast moving cars beside him. He was tired, and very hungry, but more than anything his jaw was in terrible pain. He had been walking near the edge… Read more »


Buddy, a sweet Shepherd mix, was born in Puerto Rico with the odds stacked against him. He had a congenital bone problem with his leg. When he walked, Buddy was grinding bone against bone. He needed help, fast. It was then that our rescue partner, the Save-A-Sato Foundation, found Buddy and took him in. Following… Read more »