Quick action was needed for this desperate group of kitties…

Saturday, April 2, 2016 – We received a call from Carol, one of the rescuers we work with regularly to help save pets. Carol was at a local home and there were cats everywhere. She could see several cats that were living outdoors, most were friendly, and some were very sick. She knew she had… Read more »


Ruby and her puppies had been dumped right outside a veterinary clinic – so close to the care they needed — yet hours went by before a care worker found them and brought them in from the elements. Once safely inside, the dogs were given food, water and immediate medical attention. It was then that… Read more »

Thirteen Puppies

“At 4 O’Clock all 13 puppies will be put down unless you send a transport.” In all her years at Northeast Animal Shelter, Betty had never received a call like this one. With so little time and so much at stake, she knew she had to act fast. Betty knew that anything could happen to… Read more »