Bella’s owners had to surrender their four dogs in mid January after a fire made their apartment unlivable.  It was a heartbreaking decision to give up their pets, but they had no choice.  Bella was pregnant, so we placed her in foster care.  In late January she gave birth and immediately went about the task of mothering her five cute pups.  The pups attracted a lot of attention, and all were quickly adopted as soon as they were old enough.

With your support, we are able to help families who must surrender their pets, and provide them with a safe environment, either in foster care or in our shelter.  We hope Bella’s original owner will find a new home for themselves and be able to reunite with Bella soon.

Please donate now to help more pets like Bella and her pups.

Bella_95604 Bella 6 Bella 5 Bella 4 Bella 3